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RE'ing Guide

Postby Splaktar on Thu Dec 29, 2011 3:43 pm

Covers Redoubt, Overkill, and Critical schematic discoveries for both Prototype and Artifact levels.

Tier 2 naming:

Redoubt (+Defense)
-General (+Defense, +Presence)
-Veracity (+Defense, +Shield)
-Anti-Armor (+Defense, +Surge)
-Exactitude (+Defense, +Accuracy)
- ????

Critical (+Critical)
-Leadership (+Critical, +Presence)
-Tempest (+Critical, +Shield)
-Fervor (+Critical, +Accuracy)
-Endowment (+Critical, +Surge)
-Supremacy (+Critical, +Alacrity)

Overkill (+Power)
-Vehemence (+Power, +Alacrity)
-Rampart (+Power, +Shield)
-Commander (+Power, +Presence)
- Expert (+Power, +Surge)
- Hawkeye (+Power, +Accuracy)

Here's a flowchart to help better understand:

----------------------------[ Leadership
---------------------------/- Tempest
---------------- Critical ---- Fervor
-------------/-------------\- Endowment
-------------|--------------[ Supremacy
-------------|--------------[ Exactitude
-------------|-------------/- Anti-Armor
Base Item -|- Redoubt --- General
-------------|-------------\- Veracity
-------------|--------------[ ????????
-------------|--------------[ Vehemence
-------------\-------------/- Rampart
---------------- Overkill --- Commander
---------------------------\- Expert
----------------------------[ Hawkeye

Also Covers [Superior], [Advanced], and [Mastercraft] tags (crafting criticals).

The pros of armor crafting:

It's cheaper to craft basic armor than it is to mod out every slot. For every moddable item you use, you must keep 3-5 slots upgraded. With regular armor, that's 1-2. Orange gear has no stats, and requires mods. Crafted gear of a certain quality has the same stat value as an orange item filled with that quality mods. This means for an orange item, you must buy or craft 3-5 purple mods in order to equal the power of a single crafted purple.

Contrary to popular belief, crafted purples have just as much variety in stats as moddable armor, or at least nearly so. If you truly understand reverse engineering, every equippable item you can make has 19 variations, 1 base quality, 3 improved, and 15 vastly improved.

While it's true you could raid for gear, it will take longer to outfit yourself. Even if raid gear is better, you will be able to craft gear to take up those slots you haven't yet filled. It's also likely that raids will also drop schematics to allow you to craft comparable gear. While it's true you could also keep up with orange gear, see my first point about the extra effort required.

Armor crafters make the bulk of the orange gear in the game. If you want a certain look, or to be able to often change your look, or to sell orange items to appearance conscious players, you will want to be able to craft armor.

Armor crafters can critically craft armor to gain an extra mod slot that isn't available from any other source. This includes orange armor, meaning even if you choose to use mods, you will need armor crafted by a crafter to get the best results. Might as well be you.

Being able to craft armor allows you to easily and relatively cheaply outfit your companions in excellent gear.
Reverse engineering is fun (Highly subjective.)


Using standard armor rather than orange armor removes your ability to look however you want.

Finding orange schematics is rare

Discovering all the varieties of a schematic can be time and credit consuming. If you are lucky, you will be able to find the variation you want quickly. If you are unlucky, it can fast become a time and money sink.

Crafting takes a lot of time. Fortunately, you can do other things while doing it.

You won't feel the immediate satisfaction of always having a neat toy to use during combat like you will with Biochem. Biochem feels more useful in the short term, because it can actively save your life. Once you equip an item, you tend to forget about it. Also, Biochem is easier and more relevant while leveling, because you only need to keep up with stims rather than upgrading all your gear.

Reverse engineering is frustrating (Highly subjective.)


I'm at around 200 Armormech atm on my Merc and 120ish Armstech on my Sniper. I've got quite a number of Prototype schematics from RE'ing, but only a few Artifact items. If you are interested in some Heavy/Medium armor for levels 1-27 or non-lightsaber weapons from level 1-21, please let me know. I can check to see if anything that I can make is better than what you have. So far I've been able to upgrade a lot of my heroic and quest armor with Armormech crafted gear.
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