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Applying to Iron Circle

Postby Ceno on Thu Feb 02, 2012 6:26 pm

Process for applying to Iron Circle:
- Get a current Iron Circle member of Member rank (not Recruit) to sponsor you
- Post an application to the Membership Requests forum. Please follow all guidelines in the sticky. Your ability to follow simple instructions will be judged (c'mon, if you can't fill out an application correctly, we assume you'll be dead weight in the guild)
- Once your sponsor has verified their sponsorship, we will bring you into the guild. Your sponsor will need to ask for you to be guilded in guildchat or you should watch for an Officer to come online and ask them privately (check here)
- Your 30 day trial period will begin. You are not excluded from any guild activities. In fact, we highly recommend you group with guild members and interact as much as possible. Our Mumble server/password will be shared with you if needed.
- Your application will be moved to a private forum where guild members will be able to share their experiences and opinions of you with other guild members.
- At the end of the trial period, it will be determined whether to bring you into the guild as a full Member, extend your trial period so further determinations can be made, or you will be denied entry to Iron Circle and removed from the guild.
- If you are accepted, your in-game rank will be changed from Recruit to Member, and you will be able to sponsor others for entry to Iron Circle.

Overview of the entire process:
- Applicant gets one current Iron Circle member of Member rank (not Recruit) to sponsor them to the guild.
- Applicant posts an application in the Membership Requests forum.
- Sponsor should verify their sponsorship either by replying on the membership application post or by contacting a council member.
- Applicant sends a private message to an Officer or the sponsor asks in guildchat. Officer will then get the recruit into the guild.
- Applicant is admitted into Iron Circle guild for a 30 day trial period.
- Application post is moved to Application Discussion forum, accessible only by current guild Members.
- During the 30 day trial period, guild members are strongly encouraged to interact with recruits. Guild members should share their experiences and opinions of the recruit on the application post in Application Discussion. Be candid but truthful! The post will be deleted prior to the Recruit gaining full membership. COMMENTS ON THESE POSTS ARE NOT TO BE DISCUSSED IN-GAME OR ANYWHERE OUTSIDE THE POST!
- A determination of guild entry will be made based on the comments posted by members.
- Recruit will either be given Member rank in-game, be informed that the trial period will extend a little longer, or removed from the guild.
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Re: Applying to Iron Circle

Postby Splaktar on Tue Jun 19, 2012 2:46 pm

This needs to be updated to remove the requirement for a member to sponsor you and to verify their sponsorship. If you speak with any of the guild Lieutenants or above in game and you pass their in game screening, you can be tagged and start your 30 day trial period. An application still must be posted to the forums.
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