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Iron Circle Guild Charter

PostPosted: Sat Feb 04, 2012 11:19 pm
by Ceno
Iron Circle was founded in Sept. 2003 with the idea that a guild should be a friendly environment of mature players working together to better each other and maximize the fun of the members. A guild should not be about drama and personal gain. Through several MMO's, IC has stuck by this philosophy and become a eutopia for like-minded players around the globe.

What We Are
Mature, helpful, considerate, highly-skilled, honest, and classy. We have families, and we play with the assumption that your real life takes precedence. We are not about guild drama, power, or status. The guild is the mechanism that allows us all to enjoy the game together. The guild it is not the endgame. It is a privilege and an opportunity to play and learn from many other great individuals.

What We Aren't
Immature, impatient, pushy, entitled, greedy, or secretive. The guild is not there to hold your hand or give you free stuff. We're not here to drop what we're doing everytime you need something. We are players JUST LIKE YOU, logging on with the intention to kick off our shoes and have fun after a hard day of RL responsibilities. We are not about promoting guild-mates to various positions of power. If status or power over other players is something you want, you are in the wrong guild.

Applying to Iron Circle
Both Republic and Sith Iron Circle guilds follow the same application process. Check the current application process here "Applying to Iron Circle".

Loot Policy
Looting should be on an "as needed" basis. Only take what your current character can use. Do not enter a loot drawing to equip your alts or your companion. If no one in the group needs the item for their current toon, then everyone can enter to do with the loot as they see fit. You must understand and digest this policy since loot decisions are made very quickly during the heat of battle.

Guild Leadership
After careful consideration of the bumps, bruises, and growing pains of other iterations of Iron Circle, it was decided that we will form a council of 7 members. 3 members will be taken from each of the most prominent Iron Circle guilds: SWG and WoW. The 7th spot will be a tie breaker seat held by Ceno, leader of the Sith guild.

Further information can be found here "Iron Circle TOR Council" (you must be a full Member to view this post).

Re: Iron Circle Guild Charter

PostPosted: Mon Feb 06, 2012 11:37 am
by Splaktar
Good stuff. It helps to be clear on this. I know earlier when we took down a world boss, someone won an item for their companion over mains who needed it. It seemed odd, but I wasn't sure what the policy really was for the guild.

Re: Iron Circle Guild Charter

PostPosted: Mon Feb 06, 2012 11:53 am
by Ceno
For some reason, I thought I posted this weeks ago. My bad :cry:

I currently have the MOTD about the new recruiting policy. I'll let that sit for a bit, then I'll change it to call attention to this post and maybe mention loot policy.