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All players that wish to join Iron Circle may fill out the application here.

Application Process *READ FIRST*

Postby Ceno on Sat Feb 04, 2012 11:36 pm

Welcome! We appreciate your interest in Iron Circle. This application process reflects our commitment to providing a quality, mature environment for all our guild members, where, in the true spirit of IC, everyone is on a level playing field.

Here are some threads you must read before applying to Iron Circle. It's important new guild-mates understand the process and what's expected of an Iron Circle member.
Iron Circle Guild Charter (what our guild is about)
Applying to Iron Circle (full process explained)
Getting Your Toons Guilded In-game (how to get your toon physically brought into the guild)

Please read and follow the entire process as written below.

To be eligible to apply, you MUST have one current Iron Circle member sponsor you ("Member" rank or above, no fellow recruits). Create a post in the Membership Requests forum using the template below. YOU MUST SUBMIT YOUR OWN REQUEST! Applications made by anyone else will be cancelled. It's important that all members have a forum account so they are included in guild activities and discussions. Please ask your sponsoring IC'er to either reply to your application post or contact a Councilmember to verify their sponsorship of you. Then it is up to the sponsor to ask in guildchat to get you brought into the guild or you may watch for an Officer to come online and ask them privately (as per the Getting Your Toons Guilded In-game post)

Once your application is accepted, it will be moved to a private forum and you will be accepted into the guild on a 30 day trial basis. During this period, you will have the same rights and privileges as any other guild member (except sponsoring new guild members), which includes use of our Mumble server for SWTOR guild activities. We encourage you to participate in groups/Ops with as many IC members as possible. Your goal during the 30 day trial should be to get to know our guild and let us get to know you. These interactions will allow us to determine if you are a right fit for our guild. At the end of the 30 days, we will let you know if you are accepted, if more time is needed, or if you are not a good fit. If accepted, you will get Member rank ingame and be able to sponsor recruits.

Please create an application post in the Membership Requests forum using the following template:

Subject of post: YOURNAME's Application

List your toons applying to Iron Circle (NAME & CLASS)
Main Toon:

Other MMO experience:

What do you expect from a guild?

What can you offer the guild?
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