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Psynister's Application

Postby Psynister on Mon Mar 12, 2012 6:29 pm

Main Toon: Calki (Sniper)
Alts: None (I'm primarily a Republic player on Juyo)
Sponsor: Ruana

Age: 28
Timezone: CST
Other MMO experience:
- World of Warcraft for 4 years or so
- Diablo II for 12 years (if you count that as an MMO)

What do you expect from a guild?
The only thing I expect from the guild is that it stays true to what's written into the defining documents of the guild. Stay true to who you are and uphold the rules that have been written, and I think we'll fit together quite nicely. I'm just looking for an enjoyable place to hang out on the Empire side with at least a few people that I know in preparation of the Legacy perks that are going to force me to break my cardinal rule of playing only one faction per server. I've known Ruana via twitter for a year or two and our Republic alts did some questing together back in the day so I knew she was stationed Empire side with you.

What can you offer the guild?
Well I'm an altoholic and a leveling blogger so I've got at least some experience with every class and spec the game has to offer. I don't raid anymore because of experiences I had with my WoW guild that lead to raiding burnout, but I love to level and I love PvP. I blog about my leveling experiences because I enjoy helping people and I enjoy sharing the information that I find on the many blogs that I follow and the people I know via twitter.

As a Republic player on the same server I can't offer as much as I normally would because I plan on this being the only Empire toon on the server unless they introduce things in the Legacy system that are going to force me to have one of each class. Once they open up cross-faction mailing I'll be more than happy to open up all of my Rep crew skills as needed which is basically all of them. Until then you're stuck with my Sniper's which are about to be rerolled (again) into Biochem.
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Re: Psynister's Application

Postby Ruana on Mon Mar 12, 2012 8:31 pm

Psyn is basically the Rupedia of leveling characters. You want to know the best leveling spec for your Sith Inquisitor? Your Imperial Agent Sniper? He's your man.

I can't guarantee he won't just change professions on you after he's maxed them out (heh), but he'll definitely be able to tell you the best way to get to max. I think. :)

Seriously, he's good people, and I'm hoping his wife will also put in an app!
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Re: Psynister's Application

Postby Psynister on Mon Mar 19, 2012 4:01 pm

Thank you for the consideration, IC.

I got a bit lonely, so I decided to go with another guild.

Good luck and good gaming to you all.

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Re: Psynister's Application

Postby Huzzah on Tue Mar 20, 2012 8:01 am

Heya Psyn! :o

I recently joined and find that there's almost always a person or two online even at really odd hours. Hopefully it'll work out for you!

Edited: Oops, didn't read the date! Sorry we missed you. :(
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